is a marketing start-up agency made up by young wine passionates, aimed to boosting Oltrepò’s wine sector at an international level by facilitating buyer-wineries business relationships.


Our mission first of all is to support enhancing the image of Oltrepò’s wine-makers outside Italy by developing precise marketing and communication strategies. Then to facilitate B2B relationships to those import companies looking to access our local production, by giving a technical and information support. 

About Us

Winenot? does not want to be yet another generic marketing company, we focus only on a specific field, wine-making,  and on a specific production area: Oltrepò, one of the most ancient Italy’s wine district. We believe that a profound experience in the wine sector and the international markets deep knowledge are the key ingredients of our way to develop a targeted marketing adapted to the needs of customer..

Who select Winenot?

* Local Wineries wanting to expand abroad and haven’t enough resources dedicated to this activity.

* Importers, distributors, restaurant, hotel, café owners or simply professionals looking for quality wines coming from less known areas.

  Winenot? acts as a bridge among Oltrepò wineries and international operators looking for local quality products.

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Awarded in 2012 by

Camera di Commercio Milano Comune di Milano